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Blizzard Bag 2017-2018

Don't forget to do your Blizzard Bags each time that they are called. Listed below are BOTH the Global Studies and the Civics information

Global Studies:
If a Blizzard Bag day is called, your assignment is to read an article about the unit that we are studying, and complete the current event form that goes along with it. You may choose any school-appropriate article, just make sure that it was written after November 30, 2017.  I will be available by email throughout the day. You may either submit the assignment via email, via the form below, via this Google form, or by bringing in a hard copy the next day. Please remember that we only get credit for the day if you all do this activity, so please don't be the person that messes it up for everyone.

Civics:If a Blizzard Bag day is called, your assignment is to read an article and complete the current event form that goes along with it.  The article can be the one from a source like The Week, or you may choose another article, just m…
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Content for test

Essential Questions: How do I recognize the important political boundaries in the Middle East? How does the geography of the Middle East influence the history of the region?How have ancient civilizations shaped modern civilization?Why is the Middle East perpetually plagued by enduring conflicts?
Major Themes: Political Geography (Countries and Disputes)Physical Geography (Fertile Crescent, River Valleys, Natural Resources)Sumeria, Assyria, BabyloniaHammurabi, Anthropomorphism, Cuneiform, Scribes, Cylinder Scrolls, Lion Hunts, Winged Genius, Nineveh, Art & Architecture, Neonatal Eyes, Trade, Ziggurats, BeardsCurrent Events: Israel & Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Saudi ArabiaISIS and Modern Misuse of Islam (Terrorism and Conflict)

Global - your test is next class; Civics update; More

Global: Period 6 will have their test on 11/1 and periods 5 & 7 will have their test on 11/2
Civics: Your summative 4321 on a Supreme Court case is due 11/3
Both: All formative work MUST be in by 11/3 (then they will be full zeroes and recovery must be done through alternative assignments). Grades close on 11/3.